Review European Journal of Theology

A review of Learning Messiah – written by Prof. Dr. W. Creighton Marlowe – was published in the October 2019 issue of the European Journal of Theology

“I applaud this book for providing a comprehensive overview of the biblical narrative. It contains a wealth of information. It seeks to address a very recent and relevant debate regarding the merits of supersessionism and replacement theology. It challenges those who hold to supersessionism to rethink and reconsider its importance.

[… ] I recommend reading it (critically) for its rich, substantial and heart-felt content on a topic of increasing critical-theological importance for all evangelicals, regardless of one’s hermeneutical or theological camp. It puts forth a challenge to supersessionism that requires a response.”

W. Creighton Marlowe, Leuven, Belgium

Download a scan of the review or a printer-friendly version of it.