Materials for study and discussion around Learning Messiah are presented here.

Getting acquainted with the history of Learning Messiah

De messias leren-web

You can find a video of the presentation of the Dutch edition of the book to dr. Arjan Plaisier  (General Secretary of the Synod of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands here.

Getting an idea about the contents of Learning Messiah

Find here a sample of pages from the book.

Related publications

Following a period of study in Israel, in December 2004 the (Dutch language) study appeared:

De Tora van de Messias en zijn twee kinderen (in translation: the Tora of the Messiah and His Two Children). This study is being referred to in Learning Messiah. When you are interested you can download this study here. Also an English summary of this study is available. (January 2005).

The English language article The Messiah and His two children – A midrashic prohetic interpretation of Isaiah 8,18 (April 2012; contribution to the Festschrift for the 80th birthday of dr. Peter Hocken) is also available.


Edjan Westerman, For Better and For Worse: The Faithfulness of God through the Exile and Return of the Shekhinah, Kesher, Issue 38 (Winter/Spring 2021) .

Edjan Westerman, Presence and Involvement: The Pre-incarnate Messiah in the History of Israel, Kesher, Issue 41 (Summer/Fall 2022).

Edjan Westerman, Suffering Israel: Sharing the Sufferings of God and Messiah?, Kesher, Issue 42, Winter/Spring 2023

A shorter version of Edjan Westerman, For Better and For Worse, was published in the theological magazine Israel and the Church.

Presentation Brochure

A concise brochure with information about Learning Messiah has been prepared for an Israeli readership in March 2023.

It can be accessed and downloaded here.