Jennifer M. Rosner reviews Learning Messiah

Jennifer M. Rosner wrote a review article for Pro Ecclesia about both Learning Messiah and the latest book by Mark Kinzer, Jerusalem Crucified, Jerusalem Risen.

Her last evaluative paragraphs say:                                                        

The work of Kinzer and Westerman highlights the fact that the church’s task in rethinking its theological mainstays is formidable. As Soulen explains, “just as a flaw in the heart of a crystal distorts all of the light that passes through it, the logic of supersessionism has tended to distort the doctrinal patterns of Christian thought in ways that have hindered areas of Christian discipleship far beyond the church’s posture toward Israel.” [1]

What is needed is not merely a Christian rethinking of its doctrine of Israel, but rather a thoroughgoing reassessment of all of Christian theology in light of God’s enduring covenant with Israel. Kinzer is among the major players pointing the way forward in this sweeping endeavor, and Westerman has shown himself to be an important voice in this regard. Both thinkers offer not only significant elements of a thorough recasting of Christian theology in non-supersessionist terms, but also a much-needed assessment of the implications of such a recasting. Hopefully their work is merely the first fruits of a new theological era.

[1] R. Kendall Soulen, The God of Israel and Christian Theology, 18.

The review article can be found here. The website of Jen Rosner shows more of her work.  The website of Mark Kinzer provides much information about his work and books.

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